I'm your host, Cristian Tudusciuc, responsible for just about everything on this site.

For my day job I run Next Steps Software, a small business located in Pasadena, a beautiful city in southern California. Next Steps Software builds software solutions that actually work and make people's life easier.

Into the Work World

I started my career at Gentriqs GmbH, a little software company outside of Wiesbaden (Germany) that developed Cleqs, an intelligent character recognition engine. I developed algorithms and applications for CLEQS, document analysis and classification.
Then Docutec AG hired me. If you happen to use their document classification engine, than you use my work.
Things changed, I moved to Tübingen where for two years I enjoyed working for a small Austrian company called Springtime.

The story so far

Born in Romania, I grew up in Iasi, where I started programming in 1989 at the Grigore Moisil highschool, on an HC-85 (a romanian clone of Sinclair ZX Spectrum) running BASIC.
After high school I went to Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, where I got a BS in Computer Science. My thesis was a design and implementation of an Actor System. Later on I followed their Linguistics Master Program.
Then I moved to Germany where I lived and worked for 8 years. Now I live just across the street of Caltech, in Pasadena/California.

One last thing

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Free Trials

The demo lets you fully test the barcode recognition engine.


Next Steps developed a content management system for the lab of Professor Ralph Adolphs, California Institute of Technology.

BizSpark is a new program initiated by Microsoft to help out startups.

With the Indigo barcode toolkit, you can add top-quality, high-speed linear barcode recognition to your applications, with just a few lines of code.

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