Indigo barcode recognition engine

Fast and accurate barcode recognition engine

Evaluate the engine using the demo
Indigo barcode recognition engine demo

Download Indigo barcode recognition demo.
The IndigoBarcode demo allows you to read linear (1D) barcodes from existing images or from documents that you can directly scan, with support for 20 different barcode types. It reads multiple barcodes at any orientation.
The demo displays the encoded string value, the symbology type and the bounding box of each recognized barcode.
You can restrict the barcode types the engine will search for from the available barcode types list.
The demo lets you save the recognition results to a file, for further reference.

Evaluate the engine within your app
Once you have installed the demo package, the COM dll and the native dll are already deployed and ready to be used. With just a few lines of code you can integrate the barcode recognition engine in your app. Here is some sample code that will help you start.
Once you are confident that IndigoBarcode is the right barcode recognition engine for you, we advise you to apply for a one month free of charge trial license that will give you the chance to fully test IndigoBarcode in your environment.